Board games and satisfactory food at local hot spot


Chatterbox’s unique interior makes customers feel as if they are in their own living room.

Megan Meskill, staff writer

Located close to 50th and France, and just blocks away from Lake Harriet, Chatterbox Pub is a cozy and friendly spot to enjoy a fun night of food and board games. Its unique dining philosophy has people coming back every weekend because of the quality of food, comfortable seating, and variety of entertainment.

Chatterbox features typical pub style foods including pizzas, sandwiches, burgers, and fries. Their signature burgers are not only delicious, but are served on either their house-made focaccia or ciabatta bread.

Prices are average, ranging from $15 to $20. Although the waiting lines to be seated aren’t too long, on Friday and Saturday nights the food takes longer than usual. Perhaps that’s why there are shelves of board games immediately upon entering the restaurant.

Unlike other pubs, and restaurants in general, Chatterbox gives customers the opportunity to have a fun and laid back night by providing a variety of board games and video games. Board games range from Candy Land to Apples to Apples and are stored on a long bookshelf by the front door.

Choosing a table can be a very tough decision; options include couch seating, pub tables, and typical dining tables. There are very few couch seating spots available, as these are usually the first tables to be taken because of their access to the mini-televisions and video games such as Pac-Man. Surprisingly, the place doesn’t get too loud, it’s about the same as any other pub in the Twin Cities; you’ll still be able to hear those at your table.

The concept that the Chatterbox Pub has developed is one not seen frequently throughout the Twin Cities, but it seems to work. Just about every night of the weekend, packs of people come in and out, all having smiles on their faces when they leave.