Obamacare: good idea

Bernardo Vigil, A&E Editor

People don’t want to be taxed. That’s a fact. Our capitalistic American complex has instilled in each and everyone of us that our money is our money and that the government shouldn’t be redistributing the wealth. Especially for social programs that won’t be benefiting the highest tax bracket. Fine. You’re wrong, but fine. In recent politics however, the biggest Socialist threat that has come from the communist Obama administration is: The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act or, if you watch Fox News, Obamacare.

So let’s operate under the assumption that our money is better spent on superficial defense spending than making our citizens healthy. The fact of the matter is, not only is Obamacare not going to increase our deficit, but it’s going to reduce it. According to the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office, the legislation would reduce our federal deficit by 143 billion dollars over 10 years. How? Well when people have health insurance, they don’t go to the emergency room for a more expensive procedure that they can’t pay for. Now, juxtapose this with W. Bush’s Medicare reform which cost the country 400 billion dollars over ten years. And when is the last time someone accused Bush’s Medicare reform of damaging the economy? You know, other than economists. Really, people don’t care about the costs of healthcare reform, they just don’t like Obama passing things.