Link crew plays with teachers’ kids

Link crew plays with teachers kids

Junior member Mikayla Coulombe spends the Link Crew babysitting night coloring with the teachers’ kids.

Julia Weber, staff writer

Many teachers rush home after school to spend time with their own kids, but on December 3, Link Crew leaders gave BSM teachers a break. With 26 of the teachers’ kids participating, Link Crew’s third annual babysitting night gave teachers a chance to have a night to themselves.

As the teachers dropped their children off, Link Crew leaders took control of the kids and got them ready for the fun night that lay ahead. In no time, they were running around looking for the activity that they wanted to do first.

Children flocked to the various rooms that were assigned to different activities for them to do. The coloring room was definitely a hit for the girls, but there were other rooms like a DDR room, a movie room, and the Great Hall for games. “My kids are always excited to play with the BSM students,” said Mr. John Porisch.

Each kid found a Link Crew leader to hang out with for the rest of the night, and it seemed like all the boys and girls (and the Link Crew leaders) had a really fun time.

The teachers appreciated being able to have a night to themselves to get ready for the holidays without having to keep an eye on their kids. “My wife and I don’t get a lot of date nights, so it was a nice change of pace to get to go to Crave by ourselves and know that our kids were being well taken care of,” said Mr. Porisch.

As for other teachers, like Ms. Megan Kern and Mr. Dave Platt, leaving their little ones with the Link Crew leaders gave them an opportunity to have fun with friends. “The babysitting night kind of forced us to do something social, so we had dinner with a few of our colleagues,” said Ms. Kern.

While the Link Crew leaders were busy entertaining the kids, many of the teachers took the opportunity to finish some Christmas errands. “We got some Christmas shopping done, and then we enjoyed a nice, quiet dinner together,” said Ms. Paula Leider.

Everyone who had the opportunity to be at the babysitting night had a lot of fun, and at the end several boys and girls were crying because they were so sad to leave. “We know our kids had a lot of fun, and it gave my husband and I the chance to put up our Christmas tree all by ourselves,” said Ms. Mary Seppala.