Prayer with J

Emma Eldred

A small group of students gather in the chapel with BSM campus minister, Mr. Mike Jeremiah, at 7:45 a.m. each Thursday morning for a ten minute prayer session known as “Prayer with J” to clear their heads and begin their school day.

Morning prayer existed a number of years ago and was revived by Mr. Jeremiah this fall. “I decided to bring it back because it’s a great way to begin the day and build up the school community in all classes,” said Mr. Jeremiah.

The students who participate enjoy the prayer because it starts their days off on a positive note. “It’s a good way to get away from everything else and have a change of pace,” said senior Vince Beacom.

Students from different grades and with different interests attend Prayer with J. Attendees are “kids who want to take the time to think about what’s important in life,” said Mr. Jeremiah.

Many of the students are good friends of Mr. Jeremiah and see him as their faith role model. “Mr. J. and I have been close for a really long time and it’s nice to have him lead me in prayer,” said Beacom.

Although only a few students attend Prayer with J each week, the group continues to grow. “More people should come,” said Beacom, “it’s a small group now, but Jesus started with a small group, too.”