Taylor Ahlborn: elite tennis player

Nate Muckley

One of a dedicated group of athletes, senior Taylor Ahlborn competes in tennis year-round on a national level. Ahlborn has to make some sacrifices for her dedication and busy practice schedule, but she ultimately finds competing in tennis to be rewarding.

Ahlborn doesn’t practice with just any coach, she practices with the best. In the national circuit of tennis, players amass points based on their wins and losses. Ahlborn has enough points to be in the top 20 girls in the Northern Section, who practice together as an exclusive group.

This elite group practices together three times a week outside of Ahlborn’s regular practice schedule, and they are very strict about the membership in the group. “If your ranking goes down, then you get kicked out,” said Ahlborn.

Ahlborn brings her skill and dedication to the girls’ tennis team every fall, yet goes to national-ciruit tournaments throughout the year. Her biggest tennis accomplishments have been on school and national levels.

Ahlborn lists her greatest accomplishment as “either going to state last year with Elizabeth [Graven] or making it to the quarters of nationals in Arizona last Thanksgiving.”

However, her rigorous practice and tournament schedules come with a price. “Since I practice so much, I have to stay up late doing homework, and on weekends, sometimes I have to sacrifice hanging out with friends,” said Ahlborn.

Although she has to make sacrifices for tennis, Ahlborn still loves the sport. In particular, she enjoys the pressure on herself, which makes her work harder. “It’s based on yourself, you don’t have to rely on other people; it’s all on you,” said Ahlborn.

Although playing the sport is physically straining, Ahlborn finds the exercise to be relaxing for her mind. “It really takes me away from the stress of life, and school, and homework,” said Ahlborn.

Along with her busy tennis schedule, Ahlborn is involved in NHS, the environmental club, RKVC, peer ministry, and student council.