Weezer produces eighth quirky record

Maddie Hibbs, Staff writer

After their last mainstream album, Weezer takes a trip back to the old days with their new album “Hurley,” which hit stores September 14. With well-designed lyrics and string-breaking guitar solos, the Weezer fans love is finally back.

The ten track album includes three bonus songs, one of which is a cover of the famous Coldplay song “Viva la Vida.” The album is put into the old style of Weezer, with quirky lyrics that only Weezer can pull off. Mind-blowing vocal stylings in the song “Ruling Me” show the ranges of pitch and tempo the band can produce.

Every song on “Hurley” tells a small story about everyday life, making friends, losing your socks, falling in love, and getting in fights. The most sentimental song on the album, titled “Unspoken,” talks about the ups and downs of relationships.

Weezer produces a sound distinctly different from any other band; the acoustic sounds of the guitar and the low bass tracks make every song enjoyable to listen to. Rivers Cuomou’s vocal range melds together different styles of music including rock, alternative, and the occasional kid-friendly song like “All My Friends Are Insects.”

Awkward and potentially unbecoming lyrics make “Hurley” a Weezer original. Songs like “Smart Girls” and “Where’s My Sex” include lyrics like “ Mom made my sex/ She knitted it with her hands,” that, while bizarre, show Weezer’s peculiar personality.

“Hurley” calls to mind Weezer’s older top-selling album “Pinkerton.” The song “Butterfly,” on “Pinkerton,” has the same soft and quiet sound that “Unspoken” has on the new album. “Hurley” involves more instruments ,such as the piano and violin, than on “Pinkerton,” which just includes the basic track of guitar and vocals, but they still both show Weezer’s capability to perform and create an all-around great album.

“Hurley” provides a gateway into the weirdness of Weezer; catchy lyrics such as “In the rain, in the sun, everybody needs someone, they can dream of all night long,” and beats like in the song “Represent”––a hard rock ballad––make it their best album. The album cover sports Hurley, a character from the hit TV show “Lost,”which Weezer named their album after.

This is Weezer’s best album yet; with songs that people can head-bang to, alternative sound, and guitar solos, hard-core Weezer fans and others will not be disappointed.