Rookie sailing team hoists sails

Emma Eldred

Traveling all around the Midwest, the BSM sailing team has been hoisting their sails for their first fall season after becoming an official school sport just last spring. With a state competitor and a nationally recognized coach, the team continues to tack from one competitive event to another.

Sophomore captain Thomas Schellhorn represented BSM at the state regatta on September 18 where he placed fifth overall. During one race, all of the wind died on the lake causing all of the other sailors to end up on the wrong side of the course.

Schellhorn was the only sailor on the correct side of the course which led to his first place victory. “I finished a mile in front of everyone else, so it was kind of fun,” said Schellhorn.

Competing in races (known as “regattas”) throughout the Midwest, the team travels almost every weekend. “It’s a blast to go on a road trip with a bunch your friends to do what you love. Plus, you get to meet a lot of cool new people along the way,” said junior captain Jordan Dritz.

Improving from last spring, the team has finished in the top third at all of their regattas and plans to keep improving. “We’re not the best sailors out there, but we keep up. We’re doing a lot better; we understand the flow of things, and everyone knows what they need to do,” said junior Neil Davis.

The fall sailing season offers a special opportunity in allowing the sailors to race “Lazer” sailboats that only fit one person. “Lazer boats are really fun because they are ‘zippy little devils.’ They’re like the Porsches of the sailing family,” said Dritz.

The team’s coach, Holland Capper, affectionately known as “Cappy,” has recently been inducted into the Sailing Hall of Fame in Milwaukee, Wis. Many of his students, including Schellhorn, have competed successfully in the Junior Olympics. “He has produced dozens of national and international level competitors,” said Dritz.

The team practices three days a week on Lake Minnetonka and has practice regattas every Wednesday. “We’re a new team, but we practice really hard, have a great coach, and we are slowly but surely making our way up in the sailing world,” said Dritz.