Quidditch team takes flight

Mikayla Coulombe

It may be impossible to achieve flight, but a group of Benilde-St. Margaret’s students are defying gravity as they implement the school’s first ever Quidditch team to the delight of many enthusiastic muggles.

A group of avid Harry Potter fans, led by freshman Megan Coffel, started up the club. “I already knew there was Muggle Quidditch in colleges and stuff, but we were just talking to Mr. Roby and somehow got on the subject, and he liked the idea so it all worked out,” said Coffel.

Although difficult to adapt a magically driven sport to everyday life, the rules are as follows: three chasers use a deflated volleyball to score on one of three hula hoops propped up on PVC pipes. The beaters throw balls at their opponents who in return must drop any balls they’re holding when hit and run back to their goal posts before resuming play.

The seeker tries to accomplish the most important part of the game: catching the golden snitch in order to end the game and collect an additional 150 points. “Basically the snitch is just someone dressed in all yellow who runs around trying not to get caught. They wear the flag football belts, also in all yellow, which the seekers have to pull off,” said Coffel.

The first match of the season was held on Saturday, October 3 on the old BSM stadium field. Despite the small turnout, the day was still a success. “We were expecting a lot more people. We had about 60 sign up, but only 15 came. It was fine though, and we were still able to play a couple games,” said Coffel.

Coffel believes the BSM Quidditch club will probably end up consisting of five teams, assuming that a few more members show up for future game days which will be held once every month for the rest of the year.

The addition of this new club has sparked much excitement and is exactly what many Harry Potter fanatics have been waiting for. “I think it is great that the muggles of BSM are finally starting to acknowledge the brilliance of the sport,” said junior Megan Kelly.