Girls soccer remains triumphant

Emma Eldred

With a spotless record so far and ten new girls joining the squad, the girl’s varsity soccer team anxiously awaited their first home game on Monday, September 13 against St. Francis, which was yet another victory for the triumphant team.

With a final score of 7-2, the game was a success. Although this was the first time the Red Knights had given up a goal this season, sophomore Dana Buckhorn got a hat-trick and senior captain Emma Forschler had an amazing header.

As last season neared its end, the remaining players were not looking forward to the season to come, due to the loss of eight seniors.“A lot of people stepped up after the seniors left and our team connects even better than it did before,” said senior captain Alex Schissel.

Within the first two weeks of the season, the team lost their top two goalkeepers to injuries. However, they’ve already played five games and they’ve only given up two goals. Junior Mikayla Coulombe has taken over the goal and freshman Angela Charley has moved up from JV for back-up. “It was a little rattling,” said Forschler, “but Mikayla has really stepped up and it’s turned out to be fine.”

The team kicked off the season with a championship at the NSC Showcase Tournament. It’s a brand new tournament that consisted of the top four teams in the Single A division. “It was a great way to start the season and see how we measure up,” said coach James Cave.

Although the team has had a great record in the past, the girls felt they couldn’t play their best on the old field because of its unpredictable conditions. The new field is flat and wide and works great with the team’s focus on possession strategies. “The new field is a lot better,” said Schissel, “so we can play better as a team.”

If you ask some of the veteran players what the key to their success is, they’d probably tell you it’s because of the superstitious, pregame rituals that have been passed down for the past seventeen years. “We have superstitions that have been going on forever,” said Forschler, “this year is different because of the new field, but we’re testing out new stuff.”

Some of the rituals include walking silently and single file into the stadium, kicking the fence as they walk in, and having the song “Time of Your Song” being the fourth to play on the warm-up track.

This year, the team hopes to take home the state championship. “Everyone understands they need to work hard to reach their state goal, but it’s a reasonable goal. I think the school should be excited about their girl’s soccer team,” said Coach Cave.