A New Kind of Cafeteria- Uptown Cafeteria

Addie Reine

If your driving through Uptown on a nice day you might notice a restaurant with open garage door windows and people dining on its roof. This diner, The Cafeteria, can pull this off because it does not associate with a particular theme; instead it simply combines the best foods with the best dining environment.

Priding themselves on the what might seem to be a random combination of meal options on their menu, The Cafeteria states that the only requirement for a meal to take a place on their menu is how delicious it is. This allows customers options of “The Big Hippie Salad”, a “Foot Long Kobe Hot Dog”, or even breakfast, which is served all day.

Aside from the menu, The Cafeteria offers the superior choices of seating. If the weather permits, street-side dining next to the garage-door windows allows the city atmosphere to become a part of the dining experience. Also on the main floor is seating at the kitchen counter and booth tables in the fifties style chairs.

If side-walk seating does not appeal, taking the elevator up to the roof offers a nice option for those wishing to see uptown from a birds-eye view. The umbrella tables next to the bar as well as the retro lounge chairs, also a choice for seating, create an edgy atmosphere with a skyline view.

Since The Cafeteria does not have a children’s menu, it typically draws an older crowd, however, the dessert menu can bring out the kid in anyone. The desserts offered are classic, but presented with a twist: the “Chocolate Chip Cookie Eggroll”, “Skyscraper Cheesecake”, and the “Build -It-Yourself Chocolate Cupcake” add another dimension to dessert dining by turning the obvious into a whole new experience.

The Cafeteria “aims to please” which means that there will be an aspect of the restaurant that appeals to everyone. Whether the contemporary interrior (and exterrior) or the atypical range of menu options, The Cafeteria leaves customers coming back for more.