Tremendous 12 – Alex Robbins

Aimee Brown

One of the five in Latin V, the first violinist in the Benilde-St. Margaret’s orchestra, a member of theater, the knitting team, Link Crew, and Peer Ministry, senior Alexander Robbins has stepped up his repertoire, extending beyond the ordinary and into being tremendous.

One of Robbins’ main passions is acting. Robbins has been involved in a majority of the school plays since his time at BSM; most currently, he played a purser in BSM’s “Anything Goes” production.  “I started out in the junior high for ‘Into the Woods Junior.’ I wasn’t really planning on trying out, I wanted to try helping backstage,” said Robbins.

Along with his skills for acting, Robbins has also found he has a knack for writing. He has played with the idea of writing a novel and has finished a couple screenplays through BSM’s films studies course and with Storyboard. “I have a bunch of ideas in my head, it’s more the process of trying to get them down on paper that’s really hard,” said Robbins.

In his life outside of BSM, Robbins is a second-degree black belt. Robbins has been involved in karate since he was about eight years old and it has always been an important part of his life. “I’ve never found it useful, I’ve never had to attack someone or defend myself from someone, but it was kind of like this thing…about self-discipline,” said Robbins.

And despite his superior level in the martial arts, Robbins is afraid of fish and slivers. “I don’t know why…I can go to Underwater World and I’m fine, it’s just like I’m in a lake and knowing there are fish there, that kind of freaks me out…[And] I can’t touch unsanded wood without wanting to have gloves on,” said Robbins.

In his spare time, Robbins enjoys biking and watching massive amounts of the TV show “Dr. Who.” “Basically I’m either doing that or sleeping or doing my homework,” said Robbins.

Robbins is planning on attending the University of St. John’s come fall and has set his mind on majoring in education. “I’m kind of wanting to teach something in history…I like being around kids and I feel like I’ve got a good connection with people,” said Robbins.