Q&A: Junior Vince Beacom

KE: When did you first start playing golf?
VB: I first started golfing when I was eight years old.

KE: How long have you played golf at BSM?
VB: I’ve been playing at BSM since 8th grade.

KE: Do you play golf outside of BSM?
VB:Yeah, I play all summer long with friends and in tournaments I can get involved in and whenever I get the chance outside of golf season here in Minnesota.

KE:What was the best moment in your golf career?
VB:That’s a tough one… either playing the 18th hole down at Doral or playing in my first varsity match last year.

KE:What do you like about being on the varsity golf team?
VB:I love the guys. [We] are playing a game that can be so frustrating and the guys on the team are laid back and are fun to be around even if I’m not playing well. Also, team bus rides are always a good time.

KE:What are your hopes for this season, individually and as a team?
VB:Individually, I want to improve my short game and hit more greens, hopefully this will help me earn all conference honors. As a team, I’m hoping we can win the conference and the section and have a good performance at state. It wont be easy, but we have a good team this year.