How I fell in love at a speech tournament

Sam Thomas

I’ve never believed in love at first sight, and now I can verify that it actually is too good to be true.  See, it all started at a forensics tournament where I thought I had met my future husband.  We’ll call him “Drake,” for lack of a better name.

I was walking around the cafeteria after the final rounds with my fellow speechers, when my friend ran into him, and he glanced our way as we walked by.  Then he turned again, and it felt like a scene from a movie––time seemed to slow down as Drake’s flawless physique turned my way, as his beautiful brown eyes locked on mine, as he smiled and then looked away.
After a few minutes of obsessing over how beautiful he was with my friends, his friend, who slightly resembled Biggie Smalls, approached me.  “My friend wants to meet you,” he said, and right then, all of my dreams came true.
We met, we talked, and then I went home and friend requested him on Facebook within the next twenty-four hours.  You know, the usual.
A couple of days proceeded with little to no contact between my new boyfriend and me.  Then suddenly, as fate would have it, Drake chatted me.  He asked if he could have my number, and my fingers frantically searched for the number keys that would determine our future together.
The next couple of days were like heaven on earth.  We talked…or texted, endlessly.  My longing to be in constant contact with my love brought me to text him during a movie –– my number one pet peeve, which I guess makes me a pathetic hypocrite.

But all good things must come to an end.  Drake and I were over sooner than we had began.  Text messages and wall posts slowed down, and I found that this was because he would rather be having these conversations with my best friend, Morgan.

I felt that the intial flame between Drake and I had died down, and apparently he felt it even more than I had; because, at the next speech tournament, I saw him hitting on at least four girls at once.  It didn’t really phase me, because I quickly realized some things about my short-lived relationship with Drake.
Love at first sight does not exist, texting and wall-to-walls are not going to get you far, and speech tournaments are not the place to find the man of your dreams.  That is when I decided I liked speech better than boys.