Martial art masters

Robby Sutherland

Knight Errant: So what exactly do you guys do?
Adrian Ng: I do self defense and sparring karate.
Jarred Tomlinson: I just do mixed martial arts.

KE: How did you start?
AN: When I was six. My parent’s got me started at a young age because my aunt thought it would be good for me.
JT: About a year and a half ago I started playing tap out with my friends and it just grew into something that I love to do.

KE: What’s your favorite part about your martial arts?
AN: I get a lot of exercise and meet a lot of new people. I see the world differently.
JT: I like sparring with people. It’s an absolute blast.

KE: Who’s your inspiration?
AN: My teacher Matt Jarvi.
JT: Michael Westbrook. Formal NFL player who was a good player, better fighter.

KE: Where are you right now in your career?
AN: I’m a second degree black belt and I’m really close to my third degree. It’s very high but I’m still a long ways from being a master.
JT: I’m learning a lot because I haven’t done it for real long yet but I’m getting better.

KE: What’s been your highest achievement so far?
AN: I’ve taken first in many tournaments and right now I’m ranked fourth in the state which is the highest I’ve ever been.
JT: Probably beating up my brother a bunch.

KE: What makes this better than sports?
AN: It helps my physical ability and allows me to do well in lots of physical activities and sports.
JT: I like team sports, but it’s more fun to just rely on yourself and test your ability.

KE: Do you participate in any other sports?
AN: I play tennis but because I’m in karate, it helps me pick up sports fast and be good at a lot of them. Except hockey.
JT: I play lacrosse and I wake-board a lot in the summer.

KE: What’s next for you two?
AN: I’m getting close to my third degree black belt. It’s taken me nine years to get my second degree so it’s amazing getting close to a third degree. I’ll also eventually start to teach younger kids.
JT: I’m just going out there and trying my best and to get rated as high as possible.