Q&A with Coach Pauly

Robby Sutherland

Knigh Errant: What do you think about the outcome of the season?
Ken Pauly: I’m not disappointed in the result and I’m for sure not disappointed in the effort the guys put in to win it. We had a lot of great people in the program and we were just on the verge of breaking through.
KE: What were some goals you set in the beginning of the season?
KP: We wanted to be ranked in the top ten all year but we couldn’t do that because we weren’t consistent enough against good teams. And of coarse we always want to make it to sections and state.
KE: What were the highlights of the season?
KP: The victory over Wayzeta or our comeback win against Hopkins in sections were probably the most amazing moments, or highlights of this year.
KE: What’s the best part of your job as the BSM hockey coach?
KP: Just the high energy and sense of humor that the kids bring to it is great. We have a lot of fun during games, practices and road trips.
KE: Did their high energy or sense of humor ever carry over to the games?
KP: Well the guys always went out there and just played loose.
KE: Describe the turning points in the season.
KP: The Shattuck game was a big turning point because it gave us a lot of confidence that we could play with a top ten team in the country.
KE: How did the injury’s affect the season?
KP: Patrick Daly’s injury hurt us because that probably took away three possible wins. Then we lost Patterson and Nelson towards the end of the season, too. That’s all on top of all of the other injury’s the team had.
KE: What are your expectations for the future?
KP: We’re going to be good. We have our top scorers returning with Grant Besse, Pat Steinhauser and Christian Horn and also Daly and Horton will be anchoring the defense. Anders Jecha will be a solid goalie too.
KE: Looking back on the season, what’s the most memorable moment?
KP: The Wayzeta game was pretty amazing but the Hopkins game, a comeback win in a section game was pretty spectacular.