Koshiol and Overbo saying goodbye to debate

Danielle Kincs

Starting next year, the debate team will no longer be graced with the same animated conversations or unmistakable fashion sense. Ms. Änna Overbo and Ms. Kari Koshiol will no longer coaching.

After having coached for many years, Ms.Koshiol and Ms. Overbo have made the decision to discontinue due to the major time commitment. “It’s a long season, from mid-August through mid-January,” said Ms. Koshiol, who in her seven years of coaching also worked with debaters before and after the season.

After eight years of coaching and many fond memories, Ms. Overbo also felt that it was time for a change. “It was a hard decision; each year has been a marathon,” said Ms. Overbo.

It was the wellness program for the teachers that made Ms. Koshiol realize that it was time for a change. “It became obvious that [the debate season was] not healthy for me. I was out-putting a lot of energy and there was not enough time for other things,” said Ms. Koshiol.

Wanting to regain more personal time, Ms. Koshiol and Ms. Overbo knew that it was a good time to leave debate. “It is a good time for the team; they have amazing leaders, and they’ll be successful with any coach,” said Ms. Koshiol.

In recent years, the speed in the delivery of facts has been valued more than the persuasion of the case itself. For Ms. Overbo, she knew that it was a good time to leave with the new format of debate. “As the style of debate changes there [will be] people better equipped than we are for the style of debate now,” said Ms. Overbo.

As for the future of the debate team, it is sure to be bright, although a coach has not yet been selected. So far they have been asking debaters to think about possible coaches.

Ms. Koshiol was hoping to see one of the faculty step-up to coach. “If you’re interested, tell Mr. Pettinger. It’s a long season, but it’s well worth it for a couple of years,” said Ms. Koshiol.

However, it is clear that Ms. Koshiol and Ms. Overbo will miss coaching. “[In debate] you get to express your mind more than you get to in anything else,” said Ms. Koshiol, who will also miss her team. “[We have] a unique team with talented individuals. I’ll miss hanging out with debaters talking about issues.” And although Ms. Koshiol no longer plans to coach next year, she admits she may have to sneak in from time to time