Junior theater girls

Morgan Rogers

KE: So you both are in theater. How many plays do you usually do in a school year?
Megan Collins: Right now I’m starting my third and hopefully will do five by the end of the year. It’s kind of insane.
Shannon Cron: I usually do four a year. I’ve done two so far… at the same time, it was intense.

KE: Where do you guys do your performances?
Both: Stages!
SC: And Benilde.
MC: And I’ve done Children’s theater.
SC: Yeah you have.

KE: What’s your favorite play you’ve been in?
MC: I really liked Little Women, Madeline and The Gypsies. They are all good but you cannot really compare them because they are so different.
SC: How I Became a Pirate or Charlie Brown.

KE: How much school do you miss a year?
MC: I miss a lot. This year I have only missed two or three weeks total, which really is not much. Last year I missed four days a week for about two months straight, and then repeated that again for another show four months later. That was a lot for one year, but it is all worth it. I just have to work a little harder to stay on top of things.
SC:I usually miss about fifteen days per show.

KE: Do you hope to pursue acting after high school?
MC: I would love to! It’s really competitive and what not, but I love it so I think I am going to try to make it happen. I have gotten this far, why turn back now, you know?
SC: I am considering an acting minor in college, but even if I don’t do that I plan on doing theater my whole life.

KE: Who are your theater idols?
MC: Glee! Everyone on Glee; I love Glee. Seriously though, I’m not sure. I guess I don’t have idols as much as adults that I have been lucky to work with and look up to as well. Some of my idols I have gotten to share the stage with already, so I am really lucky!
SC: Definitely Laura Bell Bundy, Alice Ripley, Idina Menzel, Anthony Rapp and Megan Collins.
MC: Fine just since you said that, I will confess I am secretly obsessed with Barbara Streisand. She’s hilarious. It’s embarrassing though, I know.

KE: Besides theater what other special talents do you have?
MC: None.
SC: Creeping…and APUSH, but that is all.
MC: Oh wait I’m pretty good at watching Shannon creep.
SC: Oh another talent of mine is waving to everyone I see in the hallway.
MC: True, she never misses anyone.

KE: Do you have any advice you can give to other aspiring actors?
MC: Don’t stop believing.
SC: Pace is everything and you can never have too much blush on.