Debbie has a feeling she isn’t in South Africa anymore

Morgan Rogers

Coming all the way from Port Elizabeth, South Africa, Debbie Rigby arrived this semester as a senior transfer student. Besides just the geographical change, Rigby says many things are different from home, including our English compared to hers.

Rigby traveled across the sea this year with a Rotary Club, an organization that grants scholarships to students. “I didn’t want to go study straight away so I took a gap year,” said Rigby, “I came with a Rotary group this year, [they are] a really good organization.”

Three families from the Rotary Club are hosting Rigby while she is in Minnesota. Rigby says there were multiple reasons for choosing America, but two main ones. “I came to America because everyone who doesn’t live in America wants to come here, but also I didn’t want to go to a country that didn’t speak English,” said Rigby.

Rigby is easily adjusting to American culture as she sits at the lunch table surrounded by friends. “My favorite part is your weather, your people, and your food,” said Rigby, “I’m loving it, it’s awesome.” When asked what her least favorite part is, she really had no answer.

Rigby will be here until next January, and she is looking forward to experiencing new things, like the roller derby, which she says is the weirdest thing she has witnessed since being here. “I applied for this with a no expectations policy,” said Rigby, “so I want to have fun, make friends and get an American experience.”