Songs Necessary for Your Ipod

Logan McMillen

Buster Voodoo — Rodrigo and Gabriela
This song is perfect for doing homework to. This track keeps perfectly balanced between catchy Latin flair and meticulous guitar parts, this one is sure too keep you halfway between chair dancing and studying throughout.

Drain You — Nirvana
This classic song has just recently been given a new life by the release of the “Live at Reading” concert. Eighteen years old, but it still sounds as fresh and hooky as ever with drums that never stop pounding violently, perfectly complementing the angelic harmonies.

Sweater Song — WeezerThey just released a new album of mainstream party pop/rock leaving me somewhat disappointed. Please, Weezer, write another one of these, this song is beautifully psycho, and I can never seem to get enough of it.

None Shall Pass — Aesop Rock
I’ve never heard rap as catchy as this, or as emotionally intricate. Released two years ago I think that Aesop Rock’s “None Shall Pass” was the godfather to some of the newest emerging styles in rap.

Run Through The Jungle — CCR
If anyone you know was in Vietnam, chances are you’ve heard this song. It’s relaxed and trippy, with bookends of creepy war sound effects and out of tune guitars.

Bad Dreams — Lyrics Born
The end of the semester soon will be approaching, and along with it will come the many sleepless nights. Tom Shimura (Lyrics Born) feels your pain, and has written a bass laden groovy song just for the occasion of insomnia.

Straight to Video — Mindless Self Indulgence
I did it. I found the one Mindless Self Indulgence song that is not interrupted by some obscenity every three seconds. The song sounds fresh despite being released almost 5 years ago. The melody will be trapped in your skull for days, weeks, months, possibly even your lifetime, so be warned. The whole album (“You’ll Rebel to Anything”) is brilliant but be sure to check out this track, and get hooked.

Invaders Must Die (Liam H. Re-amped Version) — The Prodigy
We know how it feels, break is over, and finals are now officially at the forefront of your already crowded horizon. Sleep is scarce, but techno is a cure that is twenty times as awakening (and catchy) as a double espresso.