Twilight: team Edward vs. team Jacob

Team Edward or Team Jacob?

Not only does he glimmer beautifully in the sunlight, have the ability to read minds, and drive a shiny, silver Volvo, but Edward also shows all the characteristics of the perfect soulmate. He has the whole dangerous thing going for him, seeing as he is a vampire, but is also extremely and lovingly protective over Bella.

His undeniably rock hard body and chiseled features are just the foundation of his beauty. His captivating, crooked smile and piercing, golden eyes just add to his mysterious look. And Edward is brilliant. He is thoughtful and sophisticated, definitely a quality that werewolves lack.

Since Edward is a vampire, he lives forever with the thirst for human blood…He could kill her. If he even has a weak moment where he smells or tastes blood, Bella is completely doomed. Edward is first attracted to her because of her smell. Wow, that’s true love right there.

Jacob is lustful and steamy with his dazzling white teeth, rock-hard abs and deep dark eyes. He would never hurt Bella the way Edward did in New Moon and he helps fill that empty void in Bella’s heart. Jacob and Bella have a history together because of the friendship between their parents, Billy and Charlie. Plus, he saves Bella countless times in New Moon when she is doing so many reckless things just to be able to see her vampire ex-boyfriend.

Edward is such a bad influence on Bella and because of this he actually puts her in danger of herself. Jacob is great for Bella. He is kind, loving, and beautiful inside and out. He is always there for her like a true love and a true friend.

However, Edward has proved he can control himself in more than one situation; saving her life after being bitten by James and protecting her from Jasper when he lost control after smelling the blood from her tiny paper cut.

Edward is an intricate species, but hanging around with those mutts has its risks, too. If Jacob loses his temper around Bella, he could seriously hurt her. Emily was left with thick, livid-red lines from her hairline to her chin, after being too close to her fiancé as he phased without control. No one wants a scar across her face to be her most prominent feature. Also, Jacob can imprint on someone at anytime, and there is no way to prevent it. Falling for another girl would not go over so well if Bella and Jacob were together.

Edward is so devoted to Bella, that no matter what happens — whether she is 90 years old or frozen at 18 for the rest of forever — he will love her. Edward endures all the pain of how great Bella smells; not in a beautifully scented perfume kind of way, but in a delicious home cooked meal kind of way.

He only leaves her for that short amount of time to be selfless, believing his presence was a danger to her. He won’t change her into a vampire because he believes that to be a selfish act, taking away her soul just to be with her forever.

True love shouldn’t have to deal with fighting the urge not to kill your lover. With Jacob, she wouldn’t have to worry about him losing control and killing her by drinking her blood. Jacob can take care of her. If Jacob hadn’t been there for Bella after she did so many crazy things, like her jumping off a cliff into the ocean, then she would have been badly hurt or left for dead. He is always looking out for her. Edward abandoned Bella for “her own good” but, he still left her alone, and unprotected from other vampires like Victoria or Laurent.

Jacob did everything he could for her so she wouldn’t be so hurt by Edward. They would be able to hold and love each other with no tension or stress. He would never leave her like Edward did and she would have the protection of the pack.

Edward and Bella have such an unhealthly relationship. She is so dependent and obsessed with him. Screaming like someone is killing you at night is not going to bring him back. Have your own life, Bella, and stop living through Edward. Jacob and Bella could have much more of a normal, loving relationship. Jacob was there for Bella through everything–he deserves love too!

Edward goes each day knowing how his misjudgment hurt her, he promises her and himself to never leave her side again. He honestly thought she would be safer with him out of her life, as much as it pained him to leave her.

Well, Jacob is a hypocrite. As soon as she gets the color back into her face, he rips her happiness away from her, fully aware of how much pain she has been in. Just minutes after confessing his feelings for her and promising he would never leave her as Edward did, he storms off and disconnects himself from her for days, leaving her in shambles.

But the love between Edward and Bella is mutual. Jacob and Bella’s relationship is merely one-sided. It’s more like Jacob has a cute school-boy crush on her, and Bella has no intent of returning those feelings. She loves him, but she will never be in love with him. They are just friends, and will always be just friends. Edward was the one from the beginning. Bella knew that, Edward knew that, and Jacob knew that.

The list goes on: is it the bloodsucker or the dog? Or maybe Team Switzerland — I mean, does Bella really deserve either of these inhumanly beautiful men? As the childish, yet charming werewolf battles it out with the dangerous, but devoted vampire, girls everywhere keep wishing they were a part of this love triangle.