Dodgeball tournament

Robby Sutherland

Never before has BSM let students throw objects at each other and send others to the ground wincing with a mixture of humiliation and slight pain. For the first time ever, BSM will host a dodgeball tournament led by the student council.

Signs have been put up in the hallways to attempt to recruit dodge-ballers to participate in the tournament. “Anyone who is a student or employee at BSM [can participate],” said Ms. Katie McDonald, the leader of the tournament.

So far 13 teams have signed up––12 made up of boys and one made up of female teachers. “I don’t think we will have a coed or women’s division. Not enough interest, which surprised me,” said Ms. McDonald.

Teams who sign up must meet requirements as far as cost and size. The cost to register a team is $30. “[There can be] six to ten players on a team. The money goes to the cost of the dodge balls,” said Ms. McDonald. “Depending on what money is left, we are still determining a prize for the winner. Lastly, we hoped to use the money to do something good for the school, but I don’t think we will have much left for that!” said Ms. McDonald.

Junior Zach Silvestri suggested the idea to begin the tournament which led to 13 teams total signing up to spend their Saturday afternoon with their friends. “[The tournament will be ] in the school gyms on Saturday, Dec. 5 starting at 3:30 p.m. “If we don’t get any more teams the whole thing will happen in the Great Hall,” said Ms. McDonald.

Kelsey Jacobson and Ms. McDonald, leaders of the student council have played leading roles in organizing this tournament. “[I’m most excited] to see the teacher team play against the kids,” said Ms. McDonald.

However, not all students were available to participate in this event. Students who are members of the alcohol and drug free group Knight Life, have made pre-existing priorities of going to the Roller Garden in St. Louis Park. Whether they choose rollerblading or playing dodgeball, this Saturday in December will bring many students together for a fun experience.