Ski & Snowboard Club: another way to enjoy winter

Robby Sutherland

Although many adults dread the Minnesota winters, BSM students have found a way to enjoy the snow. Led by junior high teacher, Mr. Jeff Hartwick, members of the Ski & Snowboard Club will be hitting the slopes on Friday evenings throughout the winter.

This group, now in its eleventh consecutive year of existence, takes students beyond the classroom to many different places to ski or snowboard. “We take a coach bus and go to places like Afton Alps, Wild Mountain, Welch Village, to get out of the Twin Cities area a little bit,” said Mr. Hartwick.

The Ski & Snowboard Club is a noncompetitive group that lets students enjoy the Minnesota winters. “It’s just an opportunity for kids to get out on Friday nights. It’s just for fun, there’s no competition,” said Mr. Hartwick.

Returning members are excited for the coming winter season to get back to the surrounding resorts with their friends. “I definitely look forward to going [skiing] after school with my friends and just hanging out all night,” said sophomore Natalie Johnson.

Hanging out with friends isn’t enough for some new members of the freshman class, however. “I’m looking forward to shredding gnar at Wild Mountain because I’ve heard they’ve got a sick park,” said freshman Daniel Flavin.

Because Hyland Hills is close and convenient for most students the clubs goal is to take kids to surrounding resorts and experience new places for a decent price. “It’s a pretty inexpensive way to get out and get to some of the places that maybe your parents aren’t as willing to take you,” said Mr. Hartwick.

The club costs $50 to join, which covers the coach bus and an additional charge of $17 to $23 dollars each time you go to a resort. “If you go on all of the trips, it’ll maybe cost you less than $150. And if you want to just go on one or two, it’s $70 or $80,” said Mr. Hartwick.

Members who don’t own a pair of skies or a snowboard can rent for $18 to $20 depending on the resort. Members who own their own skies or snowboard will drop off their gear in the weight room and it will be locked until they reclaim it before leaving at 3 p.m.

There are four trips throughout the year; two to Afton Alps, and one to Wild Mountain and Welch Village each. “Usually we leave at 3 o’clock and get back at 10, but one of the trips to Afton we leave at 12:30 because we have a half day of school so they can get some daytime skiing in, too,” said Mr. Hartwick.

The Ski & Snowboard Club is available to the first 80 BSM junior or senior high students who sign up in room 125. Students who wish to go on a trip will pay the lift ticket fee the Monday of the trip. So for any students still looking for something to keep them busy in the winter, consider Ski & Snowboard Club.