New internet access for students

Sean Simonson

Starting in November, students will be able to access BSM’s wireless Internet with their own laptops brought from home.

The idea is to arm every student with their own username and password, giving them access to the Internet, while outsiders would be denied. But the technology department only wants students with a legitimate need, such as research, to be using the Internet. To prevent abusive use, the Barracuda filter will still apply. Mr. Steve Pohlen, Director of Technology and Learning, said that the technology department wants to promote use of the Internet and technology, but doesn’t want to lose the security they currently have.

The school currently has around 600 computers using the wireless Internet. Because of such a high number of users, opening up the Internet might allow anyone to bring in a virus, whether they know it or not. “We’re trying to set it up so that we don’t [have to] care,” Mr. Pohlen said.