Five Websites to check out

Mike Geer

For those sophomores, juniors, and seniors who pay for their own gas, this site is a sure-fire money-saver. is an easy-to-use gas station browser which uses your state and zip-code to pinpoint the cheapest gas prices in the area. Along with telling you exactly where to go, Gasbuddy will tell you the day and time to go as well. Gas prices never stay the same for long; companies want to take advantage of when drivers will be coming through on any given day. Due to traveling on weekends, Fridays and Saturdays will have the highest cost. Because most stations receive the most traffic in the early mornings, they lower prices in order to attract customers, primarily between 7:00 and 7:30. If you are willing to wake up a few minutes early to fill the tank, a few precious dollars can be saved to spend on Starbucks, donuts, or whatever.

Not your average tech site, contains only the most interesting and unusual technology stories on the web. The site is perfect for techies, but is also friendly to those who use the internet for nothing but facebook. Some examples of stories on Gizmodo include an article stating that playing tetris will get you a more efficient brain, a Shanghai corporate building made entirely out of used CD cases, and a vacuum that reaches 104,000 RPM. All realms of technology are covered on the site, such as cameras, food, bicycles, cutlery, photoshop, and meat (yes, meat). Even if you do not get excited about the world’s fastest vacuum, Gizmodo also has a feature which allows you to buy, sell, and read reviews on everything from iPods to laptops.

A website purely created for art and design, covers nearly every type of computer-related art. A perfect site to explore a variety of web, automotive, fashion, and graphic designs, Beautiful Life also offers free website templates and lets you explore their vast gallery of comp-art. Beautiful Life boasts features which let you submit ideas to any number of their categories, with the hope of having your art published and admired by the numerous visitors to the site. For the kids who don’t have a strong passion in visual arts, the site contains sections on urban art and design (graffiti) and retro advertisements from Coke, Ford, and many more.

With the exception of about 30 people, many of you reading this are not a member of the Knight Errant (yeah, you’re jealous). But for aspiring writers, Zimbio gives you a chance to create your own internet magazine. You can blog about any topic of your choice, interact with fellow bloggers, and share opinions on the information superhighway. Zimbio publishes a writer of the day on their homepage, and, eventually, one can work up to a position of “senior journalist.” The writing force of 22,000 contributing bloggers is read daily, and is one of the easiest and most convenient way to get ideas spread on a public scale. Just think, your rant about celebrities or story on current events could be read by 18 million people instantaneously.

No, that’s not a spelling error. has one sole purpose: to blast cartoon ducks as they float across the screen. There is no carnage, no bloodshed, just a *bang* noise, and the duck animation goes down the screen instead of across, as if it were shot. As boring as this may seem, dml is addictive, and you find yourself muttering “just one more duck, then back to homework…” Possibly the simplest website ever created, provides endless entertainment for procrastination.