Four New Speech Captains Announced

Mary Musilek

As the 2009 speech season came to a close, the team shifted focus to next year, electing four team captains at the speech banquet held on April 29. Juniors Ian Hamilton, Molly Adams, Natalie Duthoy, and Catie Schirmers were chosen by head coach Mrs. Maura Brew, other coaches, and this year’s captains to lead the team next season.

During this year’s season, each captain exhibited different strengths. Both Hamilton and Duthoy participated in the Drama category of speech. Adams also participated in Drama as well as Duo, which she went to state for. Schirmers, a novice this year, was a member of the extemporaneous reading category.

The coaches looked for those students who showed energy, commitment, and leadership. “We had to apply and then the captains and coaches determined who would work best with one another so that the team could progress forward,” said Hamilton.

These new captains are already enthusiastic about next year’s season and are looking forward to the perks of being the leaders. “I can’t wait to lead warm-ups right before each tournament because it will be fun to be in the center of the big circle and pump everyone up,” said Adams.

All four captains have goals in mind for next season, but they are not just focused on winning. Next year the team hopes to keep improving and to work on team unity. “Team bonding over the course of Speech is what really brings the team together,” said Schirmers.

Along with leading warm-ups and bringing the team together, the captains are excited to represent BSM at the tournaments. If the team wins an award, based on the accumulation of team points, the captains are the ones who get to go on stage and accept the award, said Schirmers.

With an already enthusiastic team, Mrs. Brew is confident that the group will come together early and be even better than last year. “Next year is going to be outstanding. We are already going to preview the season with a barbecue in the fall and hopefully recruit people for the next season,” said Mrs. Brew.

Although there are four team captains, there are also 13 category captains elected at the beginning of the season. “They are most important during the first few weeks to get freshmen and novices into the speech mode and to prepare them for the tournaments so that they aren’t thrown in blind,” said Adams.