Cars broken into in Synagogue lot

Sean Buckhorn

Benilde-St. Margaret’s has increased security measures in the parking lots in response to several car break-ins that occurred on Tuesday, April 20. Two cars were broken into shortly after students moved their cars to accommodate for a funeral taking place at the Synagogue.

The perpetrator first broke into junior Elizabeth Papetti’s car, originally attempting to use a crowbar, but later resorting to smashing the window with a rock. “They ripped out my GPS, but then just left it,” said Papetti. “I think it was because I had a bunch of papers with bible verses from my youth group in my car.”

Sophomore Shane Wagner was not as fortunate. “They put a crowbar down in my door frame, pushed it down and then hit the window,” said Wagner. “It shattered the window and broke my window motor. Then they stole my GPS, Fuzzbuster, some cash, and one shoe.” The total value of all of the things stolen from Wagner’s car was over 900 dollars.

Though these events may seem tame when compared to crimes of past years–––2008 alum Patrick Rothstein’s car was actually stolen from the BSM parking lot last year–––head of BSM security Jon Pachofsky assures students that they need to take these recent break-ins seriously. “BSM students have a history of getting their cars broken into and it will probably continue to happen unless we all work to stop it,” said Pachofsky.

In response to these break-ins, BSM is working to improve their security by taking several steps. “We’re primarily working on our camera system,” said Pachkofsky. “[The cameras] really need help.”
Pachofsky is also taking further measures to ensure safety of students’ cars. “I’ve changed my rounds,” said Pachofsky. “I’ve also been doubling back more.”

According to Pachofsky, preventing further break-ins is quite simple. He is advising students to always make sure that their cars are locked, and also to keep any valuables out of sight. “What valuables students do bring to school should be left in their trunks.”