Students showcase artistic talents in ‘Apotheosis’

Caitlin Ritchie

Engulfed in originality, this year’s edition of Apotheosis, BSM’s literary arts magazine, displays students’ art from cover to cover in 74 pages of full color paintings, drawings, photography, ceramics, short stories and poems.

Around 300 pieces were submitted, and this year, these entries seemed better than the three advisers of the magazine have seen in a while. “There is definitely a higher quality this year,” said adviser Mr. Tom Backen, “This is a really exciting [edition].”

With its start in 2002, Apotheosis has changed in format and content, but still manages to promote students’ writing and art by publishing their work, said Mr. Backen.

Some of these changes have helped to create a more completed and polished magazine than ever before. “Dann Fry created our cover design and he also added dividers between sections which helps to organize it,” said Mrs. Jacobson.

This is Fry’s first year submitting art for the magazine and he received 5 pages, the most of any artist, for his photos.

After four months and six meetings, the three advisers Mr. Backen, Mrs. Sue Jacobson, and Mrs. Paula Leider, along with six student staff members, seniors Connor Kapryan, Elizabeth Tiffany, and Griffin Muckley, and juniors Dann Fry, Tess Hayes, and Marissa Schuh, complied 58 pieces of art in four different categories for this years’ edition.

“It’s really cool to be able to see all the talent of students who are our age, here at BSM,” said Hayes. “I felt so honored to be chosen by Mrs. J [to be an editor], because I really enjoy laying out the magazine,” she said. “I regret not submitting anything this year, but without being in a photo class it was too difficult to find something to submit,” said Hayes.

The group never has a set number of pieces for any section. They allow as many pieces as they like, and this year many were from students outside of BSM art classes, said Mrs. Jacobson.

The six student editors to choose work for the magazine were chosen by the three teachers because of their talents and outgoing natures. “They’re good at writing and art, and aren’t afraid to speak up about their opinions [on the work],” said Mr. Backen, “we teachers just help it happen.”

“We’ve got a great team,” said Mrs. Jacobson about the editorial board, “I love making [the magazine] with them.”

Many students who are featured in the magazine had several of their pieces selected, like seniors Katie Bauer (4), Connor Kapryan (2), Hannah Muenzberg (2), Erica Qualhiem (2), juniors Patrick Black (3), Dann Fry (5), Rachel Hoemke (2), Caitie Van Sloan (2), Julie Holly (2), and sophomores Madison Jerde (4), and Sean Simonson (2).

“We usually sell between 100 and 125 copies,” said Mr. Backen, “but if you didn’t get a chance to get [a copy of Apotheosis] this week, see one of the three advisers.” Most students don’t typically hear about the Apotheosis sales, but after much advertising this year, the staff hopes this number will increase.