Elin Lantz — Diversions Editor

Elin Lantz -- Diversions Editor

Elin Lantz has been an accomplished violinist since age four, now she has found a way to translate her love of music to Broadway…Czechoslovakian Broadway that is. Made famous by her portrayal of Mugda, a woman who is mute and talks through her violin in the play “The Bird Without Ears.” The show received rave reviews in the Prague Reporter, but reviews from the rest of Europe were mixed. Ms. Lantz has been working on several other apparently “secret” projects which she believes will “dazzle and delight the public with the use of lights, music, raw meat, and live animals!” The press was puzzled and somewhat disgusted by this announcement, but remained cautiously excited. Ms. Lantz is currently living in seclusion inside of a remote cave located in the foothills surrounding the city of Chomutov in northern Czechoslovakia, she says that she requires complete silence for her work; she has been sending samples of her ideas to the Knight Errant for sporadic publication.