Amelia Raether — Editor-In-Chief

Amelia Raether -- Editor-In-Chief

Amelia Raether was not born among us. Amelia was born in a distant galaxy near the Crab Nebulae, where she silently killed the tribal chieftain in the night. She was the supreme overlord of the western galaxy. When her lieutenant asked her where next, she slowly raised a dripping tentacle and pointed directly towards the distant Milky Way galaxy. Her entire fleet set off towards their target, an Earth still evolving. By the time the Tralfmadorians reached our planet, we had evolved, and it was the Earth year 1991. Her navy was ragged from the journey, so while the fleet began repairs, Amelia decided to infiltrate the simian race that inhabited the backwater planet. She took on a semi-human form and lives on Earth, putting herself into a position of power for the impending invasion and annihilation.