Superhero flick diverges from typical path

Mike Geer

With thrilling special effects and a star-studded cast of actors, “Push” puts a unique twist on the superhero movies of this past year.

Unlike movies such as “Batman” and “The Incredible Hulk,” “Push” is not directly based off of any comic book, but rather bears resemblance to the television series “Heroes.”

The premise is set in Hong Kong and is focused around a group of people who have a cornucopia of powers, which include Watchers (who can see the future), Movers (who can move objects and people), Pushers (who can control minds), and Shifters (who can the appearance of objects). The mutant group is on the run from a government group called Division, whose sole purpose is to capture and study their powers as if they were lab rats.

The main character Nick Grant, played by Chris Evans, is a Mover on the run from Division. He has no want or need to use his powers and keeps a normal life until Cassie Holmes (Dakota Fanning) pays a visit to Nick and is determined to take him on a mission to save her mother, also held by Division. She knows this because she is a Watcher and can see the future. Her visions change as sequences in the movie fluctuate the future.

There are many holes in the plot, specifically when one “pusher” claims to predict the future, yet it said just minutes earlier that she had lost her powers. To make up for this, director Paul McGuigan, of “Lucky Number Sleven” fame, kept audiences entranced with constant action and movement. The fast-paced style of film-making leaves audiences entranced in the drama, not thinking about the shaky plot.

What sets “Push” apart from other superhero flicks is the fact that the movie does not try to accentuate their powers too much. The climax of the movie is not as simple as superhero movies, which end many films with a final showdown. “Push” adds an ingenious multi-step plan which keeps viewers on edge and waiting for more. The varying perspectives throughout offer different opinions of who is really the good guy.

Diverging from the average superhero film of the past few years, “Push” offers a fresh taste with its combination of intricate characters and heart-pounding action, which make up for the minor plot holes.