Obama must tackle all isssues to build on change

shannon cunnien

Obvious to any American today, change is needed––for the economy, for the war, for various issues within our nation. Barack Obama is tackling this call for change in a different, dual, and positive manner unlike many before him; he’s changing everything and attempting to do it all at once.

All the positive energy surrounding the election and the emergence of a worldly president has long been overdue. America hasn’t seen this kind of energy since John F. Kennedy.

Anyone who supported Obama’s pursuit of change but is now a cynic of his “tackle everything at once” method can call themselves a hypocrite; they elected him for change so they can’t criticize him for following through with his promise and message.

After being in office for less than two weeks, Obama already took care of Guantanamo Bay and chose to air his first television interview on an Arab network, therefore staying true to his campaign motto of bold, swift action.

Obama has also enacted policy on children’s health care, which had the support of Republicans and Democrats alike. Doubters, simply victims of fear, are afraid Obama’s intense plans will not help the country but further beat it down.

Any kind of significant economic recession immediately instills fear within many Americans who, in this time, justly fear a repeat of the past: the Great Depression. The question becomes not whether Obama’s change is good, but why America wouldn’t be able to handle such quick and large changes.

“There are some who question the scale of our ambitions,” said Obama in his inaugural address,”They have forgotten what this country has already done; what free men and women can achieve when imagination is joined to common purpose, and necessity to courage.”

What our country needs is a president like this––someone who is not afraid to confront challenges head on. Obama enters the White House with numerous messes to clean up from the trillion dollar war to a failing economy to broken international relations.

No one can say whether or not Obama’s new plans and tactics will work. At least he is willing to try something different in hopes of better results.

Not only is it good that Obama is willing to try new approaches, but doubters should at least give him a chance. Yes, he could fail, but he could also succeed. He is the President of the United States and doubters and believers alike cannot know what the future will hold, good or bad.

It’s hard enough becoming a world leader in such an economic downturn while jumping straight into such major issues. The new president needs nothing less than our support.