, an interesting way to waste time

connor gerdes

The Internet as we know it has lost its shine. No longer are we amazed at what search engines can provide. The depressing majority of BSM students believe that Facebook and Youtube are all the Internet has to offer. But no more, in its hour of need the Internet received its hero: Stumbleupon.

Returning to make the Internet fun again, Stumbleupon is a Firefox applet that allows users to input their hobbies and interests and at the click of a button be taken to a random page relating to them. Input that you like art in general, and you’ll find yourself discovering incredible works of street art, works of a local artist trying to make it, tips for drawing some strange critter — anything.

After stumbling to a page, the user can choose whether or not to rate and review the Web site, affecting the chances other stumblers will land on the same page. All pages on Stumbleupon are originally discovered by a human, who then tag it with whatever categories fit.

Included in theĀ applet is a friends system, where users can add friends (via Facebook/email) and stumble on pages their buddies have given a thumbs-up. Also included are a video channel, an image channel, a news channel, and a stumble through a specific website channel.

Perhaps Stumbleupon’s greatest power is its ability to make time disappear. After the first click on the stumble button, it’s like a commitment–you’ve just given the next hour away to surfing.