Authentic Italian in Eden Prairie

Devon FitzGerald

From the first taste of the freshly made Italian bread to the last bite of the coveted banana foster dessert, Biaggi’s Ristorante Italiano surpasses all expectations of a Midwest chain restaurant.

Located in the Eden Prairie Center, Biaggi’s offers exceptional Italian food from kid-friendly items such as cheese pizza to more sophisticated entrees, including bruschetta, chicken flourentine, and a New York strip.

Biaggi’s is a large restaurant, composed of three dining areas and a fourth room reserved for private parties. Dark wood floors and spacious booths complete Biaggi’s elegant but welcoming atmosphere.

However, it is the food that makes Biaggi’s stand out from the overwhelming number of restaurants in the Twin Cities. The restaurant prides itself on the fettuccini with lobster, a “Specialty said manager Christi Hoeffled, “people definitely come back for that.” Hoeffled believes the second most popular dish is the chicken marsala, but what keeps Biaggi’s busy during the week, and with a 45 minute waitlist on the weekends, is the taste of “at home cooking,” said Hoeffled.

Biaggi’s meals truly do taste home-cooked with their sauces and ingredients prepared from scratch. But while they are known for stuffed pastas and seafood, the ability to create even the simplest foods unique makes Biaggi’s chefs an asset.

With its freshly made sauce and balls of melting mozzarella, the spaghetti marinara, a seemingly common dish, stands out from all other pastas. Even the simplest salads are surprisingly delicious, with homemade dressings, crisp lettuce, and fresh vegetables.

The food is priced moderately; however, finer cuts of meat and seafood are more expensive, with some costing upwards of $20. The only downside (if this can even be considered a negative) is the large portion sizes, able to feed two or three people per serving.

Biaggi’s offers a variety of Italian cuisine in a friendly and tasteful environment that families, couples, and business associates will all enjoy.