A Shakesperean Masterpiece? No. Hilarious? Yes.

Elizabeth Tiffany

After delighting audiences at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, Focus Features’ comedy Hamlet 2 comes to theaters bringing with it an array of silly—often crude—jokes and even more profane songs.

Despite oftentimes being politically incorrect, Hamlet 2 is nothing short of hilarious, and the film even dares to take on such issues as racism, sexuality, and the freedom of speech.

Hamlet 2, like the original Shakespearean play, is divided into five acts and centers around the life of Dana Marschz (Steve Coogan), a failed actor turned high school drama teacher living in Tuscon, Arizona. Unfortunately for Dana, he’s not very good at teaching either.

After years of putting on shoddy, stage adaptations of Hollywood blockbusters in the school’s “snackatorium”—his latest being Erin Brockovich—the school decides to cancel drama, leaving Dana feeling even more hopeless than before.

However, after enduring a little bit of mayhem in both his personal life and in the classroom, Dana is inspired to write a musical sequel to what is considered to be one of the greatest works of literature.

Throughout the creative process, both Dana and his students come together despite their differences in ethnicity and sexuality as they create what will become Tuscon’s most controversial and meaningful dramatic spectacle ever.

Even in the film itself, Dana’s Hamlet 2 is considered by many of the characters to be disrespectful and offensive, having songs like “Rock me Sexy Jesus” and other, more explicit titles.

But, despite its profanity, Hamlet 2 is about never giving up hope, acceptance, and getting second chances. The scene where Hamlet forgives his father is especially powerful, turning Dana’s irreverent play into a masterpiece.

With its quirky characters, ludicrous jokes, and uproariously funny songs, Hamlet 2 is easily one of the summer’s best comedies and will have audiences laughing throughout the whole film, no matter how many times they see it.