Creativity is the Moment at Paint Your Plate

Sarah Koller

Looking to unleash your creative side? At Paint Your Plate, you can become an instant artist in just one quick visit! Choose from a variety of durable ceramic objects to paint, including vases, mugs, plates, sculptures, platters, jewelry boxes, and more. Just pay an up front fee, pick something to paint, choose your own colors, and upon completion, one of the friendly staff will take your object to the kiln for drying and glazing. In one week or less,each painted object leaves Paint Your Plate looking exquisite and professionally done.

Comfortably nestled amongst the shops of Edina’s 50th and France, Paint You Plate offers the perfect location to host parties, celebrations, or just to catch up with old friends. The back room can be rented out for a minimal fee which includes free clean-up after each event. For smaller or spur-of-the-moment gatherings, Paint Your Plate’s relaxed ambiance and colorful interior adds a fun twist to any afternoon plans. With bubblegum pink walls, colorful table and chair combinations scattered throughout the store, and pick-your-paint stations at most walls, the feeling of a true artist’s gallery is inspiring even for the most unskilled painter.

Although Paint Your Plate is a great place to create presents or mementos for family and friends, the prices of the ceramics isn’t friendly for tight budgets. With most plates and mugs starting at $20 or more, Paint Your Plate doesn’t make it financially easy to paint to your heart’s content. However, with its unique atmosphere, helpful staff, and convenient location, Paint You Plate is definitely worth the experience.