BSM Graduate Creates Emotional Rap Album

BSM graduate Jason Ferber, also known as Truth Himself, just released his second album, Play With Destiny, in August. The album was the perfect follow-up to his first album, Dreamland, and also the perfect farewell to the friends and classmates he is leaving behind as he begins the 2008-2009 school year studying at Belmont School of Music in Nashville, Tennessee.

The last tracks called “Keep Me Like A Memory” and “The Last Time,” talk about the effects of change that people experience when they make the transition from high school to college. The final message to these songs is that even though people move on after high school, they never forget their past.

Just like in Ferber’s first album, he raps and writes the lyrics himself to all twenty tracks. A new twist is added to most of the tracks on his new album. He ties in other artists’ songs into his songs. In the song, “Breathe, Relax, Repeat,” he incorporates part of the chorus and beat from the song “Relax” by Mika. In the song, “Around the World,” Truth Himself raps every verse, but the chorus is from another popular dance song by the Allstars. This addition of adding famous songs into his own songs, will attract listeners by bringing a sense of familiarity to Ferber’s CD.

Ferber also had a little fun with his second album. In the song “Fame” he uses his sense of humor by portraying himself as an extremely successful, famous rapper. He talks about how fame has taken over his life and made him cocky and arrogant. He doesn’t care though because he is “the cream of the crop, he’s supreme, he’s on top,” (a lyric from the song “Fame”) and well-known all over the world.

He also has a song called “Mr. Mad Flow” that features another talented rapper named Sean Devine. This artist brings an additional talented voice and a new style to the songs Ferber has done in the past.

Ferber brings so many new elements and styles to his new album: a featured artist, comedic lyrics, a reality check, emotional and mature songs, and a good time feel. Those qualities make this album better than ever before. Playing With Destiny is an album fit for any mood. Ferber not only finished his high school career with another successful album, but he found the perfect way to say goodbye to his high-school life.
Written by: Elle Mohs