New Senior Board Brings Classes Together

Elizabeth Tiffany

While at the Junior class retreat last year, the soon-to-be seniors decided that they wanted to be remembered as a class that brought unity, fun, and school spirit to BSM for the 2008-2009 school year.  With the help of Mr. Mike Jeremiah  and Ms. Kate  Leahy, they banded together to create a new senior board.  
We noticed that over the years at BSM, we had bonding opportunities, but most of them were one-time events that people forgot about after a couple weeks. We wanted to put into effect a way for the students to create a better class and school community. What we came up with was the Senior Board. We met with [Dr. Skinner and Mrs. Andersen ] at the end of the year and we came up with a platform for the Senior Board,” said senior Chris Baldwin. 

The board has had two meetings this summer and has set up committees to make plans for the new school year. “There is a class competition  committee, an activities committee, a banner committee, and a senior tee-shirt committee,” said Ms. Leahy. 

The class banners project—headed up by seniors Sydney Speltz, Emma Berglund, and Elle Mohs—is the first of many projects that the senior board has planned for this year. “I got the idea while I was taking the ACT at Minnetonka High School. In one of their entryways they had big banners with students’ signatures from each class. We hope the class banners encourage school spirit at BSM and also that it becomes tradition and something that each class will look forward to each year, seeing their class banner hanging in the Great Hall,” said Speltz .  


The board also hopes to sponsor a half-day retreat for the seniors to talk about how they want to be viewed as a class and hopefully bring the class closer as well. “Our job is to make the senior class one body. Many of the members are disappointed with how the class naturally created cliques freshman year and how they have lasted this long. We are going to do our best to sponsor events, encourage school spirit,  and make the senior class one big family,” said Chris Baldwin. 


However, the senior board plans to stretch their mission of class unity to the younger classes of BSM as well. “We were hoping that [the senior board] would inspire the grades below us to follow our example, but not wait till their last year to make peace with their fellow classmates,” said Katie Bauer. 


The board hopes to hold class competitions at pep rallies—like who can eat the most chicken fried steak—to bring fun to their peers. “I am fairly confident that the class of ’09 will be forever remembered as the class who changed the way the school interacts with each other. When we have events like the chicken fried steak olympics, how can we lose?” said Andrew Coleman.  


The board also is rumored to be planning a design competition for senior tee-shirts and—maybe—a senior sledding event in the winterThey will have a suggestion box for students to submit ideas for activities as well.