Bakery expands menu to include lunch and dinner; Turtle Bread Company

“Great bread takes time.” Since 1944, Turtle Bread Company has been applying this motto to their work, and creating pure bread bliss. Dedicated chefs and bakers take their time to stir up the heartiest blends of not just bread, but rich soups, hearty sandwiches, flaky pastries, and gourmet cakes. From sit-down lunches to quick morning fixes, Turtle Bread Company provides the perfect treat any time of day.

For first-time visitors, a sample of a freshly baked baguette is a must. Its soft, doughy inside pairs nicely with the hard and crusty exterior, making that hard-to-find authentic European taste attainable. Enjoy it as a sandwich complemented by a bowl of thick tomato squash soup and crunchy kettle chips for under ten dollars. Or, for a sweeter option, try Turtle Bread Company’s famous chocolate bread. Combined with soft and sweet Italian cream cheese, and loaded with chocolate chips, this has the perfect richness of chocolate in ratio to the doughy texture of the bread. In fact, this chocolate bread stirs up so much infatuation that, rumor has it, three wedding proposals occurred as this bread was being served.

Although this neighborhood shop specializes in breads, it also brings other quality foods to the table. For breakfast, a cup of coffee pairs nicely with one of Turtle Bread Company’s daily variety of scones, danishes, rolls, and muffins. From blackberry lemon muffins, to cherry almond scones, this bread company provides unique indulgences for people of all ages.

With a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, this restaurant is the ideal place to come to after a hectic day at the office or school. From wooden picnic-like tables and chairs, to the small market nestled in back, to helpful and friendly staff, Turtle Bread Company builds that casual, and often hard to find, ambiance. With three locations on Chicago Avenue, the Downtown skyway, and Linden Hills, home-style baked goods are a short drive away.

sarah koller, staff writer