Marketing class proposal chosen by Timberwolves

Elle Mohs

Mr. St. Martin’s Sports and Entertainment Marketing classes were given the opportunity first semester to submit marketing plans to the Minnesota Timberwolves Business Club; his third period class had the winning marketing plan and will execute the idea during a Timberwolves game.

This year’s sports and marketing students were able to be involved in this real-life, hands-on marketing experience thanks BSM’s business teacher Mr. St. Martin and two of his friends. “Last summer myself and two other business colleagues from Eagan and Stillwater approached the Timberwolves with the concept of creating a business club day to invite high school students to explain the marketing concepts of the Timberwolves organization,” said Mr. St. Martin.

The third period students put together a business plan for a theme night during a Timberwolves game, and their plan was selected out of 26 other submitted plans. Their theme night is called “Minnesota Timberwolves High School Skills and Drills Night.”

This winning team of BSM students will get to work in conjuction with the Minnesota Timberwolves marketing department. “As far as distribution and dissemination of info, this will take place by my students inside and outside of class,” said Mr. St. Martin, “Their job entails making the marketing flyers, coming up with promotional pieces, and distributing and mailing them accordingly to the invited school,” he said.

BSM’s and nine other school’s mascots that the class invites take part in activities during, throughout, and after the game. During pre-game, the first 2,000 students who arrive at the game will receive a free t-shirt.

During half time, the ten mascots will represent two sections in the lower bowl. They will play 5-on-5 tug-of-war and inflatable musical chairs. The attendants sitting in the sections representing the mascots that win will receive gift bags full of Timberwolves merchandise.

The intent of this plan is to draw the high school fan base to Timberwolves games. The school that attracts the most fans receives a visit from Crunch, the Timberwolves mascot, at some during the spring season.

The date of the original “Minnesota Timberwolves High School Skills and Drills Night” was supposed to be on April 6. Because of an accidental overlapping in the Timberwolves event schedule, the date of this high school night is pushed back to some time in October.

“Unfortunately, the original students from my third period class won’t be able to implement this plan, but I look forward to my first semester ’08-’09 Sports Marketing class to get the opportunity to put this creative plan into action,” said Mr. St. Martin.