Sophomores Explore World of Magic

Sophomores Explore World of Magic

It’s not everyday that you make things disappear into thin air and leave an audience completely bewildered, unless you’re a great magician, such as some of our very own BSM students.

Sophomore Alex Peck has been doing magic tricks for a few years and has even influenced his peers to start up the hobby as well. He does a wide variety of tricks that entertain his audience and leave them wondering if magic really exists.

Peck was first introduced to his hobby of magic while participating in another one of his favorite hobbies, wrestling. “My old wrestling coach did tricks a lot, and I was interested. Plus, there is plenty of down time at tournaments,” said Peck. This gave him lots of time to learn new magic tricks and practice skills.
Card tricks and tricks with coins are what Peck is best at. His favorite trick is the “coin through the soda can” trick. He had one embarrassing moment while performing this trick to some wrestlers at one of his tournaments: “When I opened the can to show the kids that the coin was inside, it sprayed up into my eyes and got all over my clothes and new shoes,” said Peck. This slightly embarrassing moment was soon forgotten, because the kids were mesmerized when they saw that the coin was magically inside the unopened can.

alex-peck-magic.jpgStudents at BSM have also been perplexed by watching Peck perform his magic tricks. Another sophomore, Jacob Myers decided to start doing magic tricks after watching Peck. Myers has been practicing magic tricks for about a month and a half, and his favorite trick is the disappearing napkin. Like Peck, Myers also had an embarrassing experience at a sporting event. “I messed up a trick at a hockey game in front of about 40 people,” said Myers.

Try to catch these boys in action performing their favorite tricks, and they just might make you forget you ever questioned whether or not magic was real.

Meredith Neville, staff writer