Learn the ways of the kitchen at Mothersauces

Besides the chance to take a bite out of a white chocolate brownie filled with raspberries or to taste how the flavors of fresh tomatoes, basil and mozzarella combine to form a perfect pizza, Mothersauces gives its guests the opportunity to take part in the creation of these splendid treats and many others.
Located in Bloomington, Mothersauces features classes offered by several different cooks, providing customers with a variety of options.  The topics of the classes vary from shaped pastas to chocolate truffles. These classes fall into two different categories: demonstration and hands-on.  For hands-on classes, customers tie on aprons and become the chefs. They whirl pizza dough in the air or slice peppers and green onions. The time spent preparing the ingredients gives the customers a greater appreciation for their foods.
With the guidance of a professional cook, those who stumble in their own kitchens need not to worry at Mothersauces.  Besides offering guidance during the class, the chef also passes on advice to follow and various recipes for students to try at home. Sometimes accompanying the cooking tips, the chef includes a brief history of the origins of the foods. For a pizza-making class, the chef used a map of Italy to explain what types of pizzas originated in what regions.

After learning more about cooking, students then  have the chance to feast on the meal.  The guests sit on stools around a kitchen island, where they can chat with one another, while they enjoy their own delicious creations.  Along with preparing and eating the meals, customers can also browse the store displaying  cookbooks, spices, and kitchen utensils.

Rose Conry, staff writer