Math league wins tenth straight title

This year BSM’s senior high math league has just come to an end of a very successful season. For the tenth consecutive year in a row the math league has won the conference championship.

Math teacher Rosalie Goldberg and senior captains Nhu Hoang, Matt Dickoff, and Jack O’Reilly take charge of this year’s math league. “We have a lot of underclassmen that really participate in practice and our seniors are really good this year,” said Hoang.

This victorious team practices every Wednesday at 7:15 a.m. “We are very, very relaxed in the morning. The more advanced members of our team usually just sit and work on their Calc homework, where the rest of the team works on practice tests. I keep it very low key,” said Goldberg.

For math league competitions, you can bring as many as 9 students per school, but only 8 can have scores count for their school. The individual part of the competition is where everyone takes two tests of their choice of algebra, geometry, trigonometry, or precalculus. On the tests competitors get 12 minutes with their calculators and the remaining time with no calculator.

The second part of competition is a team event. Each team is given six questions and twenty minutes to answer them.

The students put in a lot of time and hard work into math league, which is why they have been so successful, but they also know how to have a fun time, especially in practice. “We enjoy the practices more than the meets because in practice we get food, donuts, and orange juice. Last practice we even played Yahtzee,” said Hoang. The math leaguers refer to these delicious mornings as “The Breakfast Club.”

Ms. Goldberg believes the team’s secret to success is “keeping our practices low key and not real strict. We also have a lot of consistency.”

by Elle Mohs, staff writer