How Will Seniors Spend Their Last Summer?


Courtesy of Jack Shull

Seniors celebrate decision day before a busy summer and heading off to college.

As summer is approaching, seniors at BSM are getting ready for their last summer before college. With lots to do before moving away, the BSM seniors have a busy summer ahead of them.

Many seniors are planning on spending their summer working. With college life being expensive, BSM seniors want to make as much money as they can before they head off to school. “I am lifeguarding at Interlachen this summer and I will hopefully make a lot of money to use for clothes in college and things like that,” Senior Lily Eigner said.

Grad parties are another thing that seem to be on the front of seniors’ minds. These parties can be stressful and time consuming to plan. Many BSM seniors are also stressed about how many they have each day that they want to attend. “I am having a grad party with my sister Grace and my friend Cece. I am glad I am doing it with people because it will be more fun that way,” Eigner said.

I want to hang out with my friends as much as I can before I leave,”

— Diego Adair

Another big task for seniors to complete this summer is shopping for their college dorm. Students have to spend a lot of time looking for items such as fans, mattress toppers, and other dorm room necessities as well as decorations. Lots of seniors have talked about planning their room with their roommate so they can have it decorated in a way they both like. “I think I will do dorm room shopping once it gets closer to moving in, but I haven’t started getting anything yet,” Senior Diego Adair said.

Other seniors have a slightly different looking summer since they are continuing their athletic careers in college. Many of these students have to move into their dorm earlier than others to start their season training. “I’m moving in August 7 and then I start playing volleyball August 8. The rest of Holy Cross doesn’t move in until August 27 though so I am going really early since volleyball is in the fall,” Eigner said.

As everyone will be heading off to different schools, seniors are excited to spend a last summer with their friends and family. Some people are going on family or friend trips. Others are just excited to spend as much time as they can with everyone they will miss. “I want to hang out with my friends as much as I can before I leave,” Adair said.