Lucky Album Review


Courtesy of Sony–Fair Use

Megan Moroney feeling lucky with a slot machine, displaying the theme of her album.

On May 5th, Megan Moroney released her debut album, Lucky. The album has 13 songs and a run time of 42 minutes. For a debut album, Moroney has achieved incredible success, already having reached number three on Apple Music’s Country Albums Chart. Her album is ranked alongside country music stars like Morgan Wallen and Luke Combs. Having listened to Moroney’s album, I can understand why it is rated so highly. Her songwriting has heartbreaking anecdotes to bring songs to life.

According to Moroney’s website, she prides herself in writing heartache songs that relate to girls’ interactions with boyfriends and mean girls. Additionally, she says she gets a large amount of her edgy inspiration from Miranda Lambert. She attributes her success to knowing how to turn her feelings into song. Similarly, many of Moroney’s song lyrics are straightforward because she claims she isn’t afraid to say what’s on her mind. One song in Lucky is titled “Sad Songs For Sad People,” which may come across as very blunt. However, as a debut artist, it is important for her to explain how she defines her music and her target audience. In the same song she sings, “They say do what you love, and that’s just what I do. I write sad songs. I love sad songs. I write sad songs for sad people.”

Examples of this are shown throughout her album, with all of her songs explaining an emotional conflict in her relationships. One song on the album, “Mustang or Me” addresses how Moroney can relate to her beaten-up Mustang. She sings about how she is leaving Tennessee like she left her relationship, and all the wasted miles relate to all the wasted time she spent on her partner. Moroney then connects the loss of the relationship to how it is affecting her mentally, relating her mental state to her slowly breaking down car. “Who’s gonna break down first, this Mustang or me?”

Her breakout single “Tennessee Orange” was immediately a hit amongst many country fans. It was the first song released on the Lucky Album. Although this may be because of a rumor claiming that the song was about Moroney and Morgan Wallen being in a relationship. The song talks about how Moroney is wearing a Tennessee jersey instead of her alma mater Georgia, a rival school. In this song, Moroney is explaining that she has a selfless love for her partner. “In Georgia they call it a sin. I’m wearing Tennessee orange for him.”

Moroneys growing success and fan base are proving her to be a new candidate to add to the long list of female country stars. Lucky is a relatable album for many women and is proving to be a strong debut album, and I understand its popularity. I would rate this playlist a 9/10. While I wish there were a few more songs on the album, the way her songs convey her emotions and how she conveys stories through her lyrics makes this album a musical masterpiece.