New Movie “Air” Isn’t Traditional


Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures–Fair Use

The cover of “Air” which was released on April 5, 2023.

Air, a movie that hit theaters on April 5th, 2023. It recounts the story of how Sonny Vaccaro, a savvy marketing executive at Nike helped beat out the powerhouse show dogs to sign future hall of famer, Michael Jordan, to a record-breaking shoe contract.

Throughout the movie, Vaccaro insisted that Jordan was the player of the draft, and Nike should do as much as possible to sign Jordan. The movie showed the extreme measures that Vaccaro took in order to get a meeting with Jordan and his family. Through hard work, persistence, and persuasiveness, Vacarro went on to sign Jordan to a record-breaking shoe deal. The deal was historic because Jordan would get royalties on each pair of shoes that were sold, something that no player had done before.

The movie had a popular cast with stars like Jason Bateman, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, and Viola Davis. I think that this cast added an appeal for people to come and watch. With a loaded roster of actors, I enjoyed getting to see their rendition of the true story. Along with acting, Damon and Affleck directed the movie as well. I find it very interesting when actors act in a play that they are also directing. It impresses me that they are able to do both at once. I enjoyed the dramatization of the deal that was created through the senses. I like the portrayal of the rush and hurry of getting the shoe created.

During the movie, the viewer hardly sees Jordan as a player; he was a minimal part of the movie. The movie only focused on the recruitment process and the inside look at how Nike bagged Jordan. It shows the interactions between the parents of Jordan and the executives of Nike. I enjoyed this character type of Jordan. I thought having the focus be on the story and not the person made the movie different from other sports movies.

There are hardly any things that I can find wrong with this movie. I thought that the directors could have added more background on who Sonny Vaccaro was. I knew who he was, but I don’t think they explained who Vaccaro was or what his specific position at Nike was. I think that this could leave some people confused if they don’t follow basketball. Overall, I thought that Air was very well made and it had very few flaws