Jordan Love Should Get Another Contract With the Packers


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Jordan Love deserves another contract with the Packers.

Jordan Love is the Green Bay Packers quarterback who is filling in for Aaron Rodgers who is now playing for the New York Jets. Jordan Love had played in ten games with only one start in the three years he’s been on the Packers. He only went in when Aaron Rodgers was hurt or when the Packers were up a lot of points.

Jordan is getting paid a good amount for a quarterback who was a backup for his three years behind Aaron Rodgers. His average annual pay is about 3.95 million dollars every year, with 12.383 million dollars guaranteed for four years. He might play a fifth year with the Packers, but it’s up to him, because it’s a fifth year option deal to be on the team and he will get a little more money than he already does. The fifth year deal is for if he wants to stay on the Packers, then he will only get a certain amount of money and will most likely start.

Jordan Love isn’t going to do great his first year as the starting quarterback because he has been the backup for three years and doesn’t have a lot of game experience. If he does another year, then his second year as a starter is going to be better because he’ll have more experience and might get a longer contract if he can show that he is a good quarterback. His stats aren’t that amazing in the games he played in but he is going to improve because he’ll be playing more games in a season than just ten.

He is going to have a lot of new options because the draft is happening and the Packers could pick a lot of wide receivers and other skill players. When the Packers have other players who are good and connect with Jordan Love, then the Packers would do well next season with Jordan as the quarterback. The offense line is also strong so that would help Love be a better player through the next two years while being the starter.

I feel like if he does well as a starter if he stays with the Packers then he should get another contract with the Packers with a little more money guaranteed. Also if he doesn’t do as well, then he could become a free agent, but either way should get more money because of how low his contract is right now. Other players with a four or five year contract will have an extra one or two million dollars depending on the team, the player and the playing time. I also feel like he could do better on another team if he gets traded because he would have an easier chance to become a starter right away instead of being a backup for three years.