BSM Celebrates Spring Fling Week


Lauren Hillins

Spring Fling Week was created to get students and staff excited for prom and spring.

Last week at BSM, Spring Fling week was in full effect. As a way to lead up to prom last Saturday, Spring Fling Week was celebrated. Students were able to participate in dress up days and various all-school activities.

Unlike previous years, students were invited to participate in dress up days, sports tailgates, and a scavenger hunt around the school. These were new things put in place to get more students involved, especially the younger grades who can’t go to prom. It was also a way to get the students excited for the spring season. “The scavenger hunt is going on right now and students can search for secret eggs of all different colors. And then when you bring them to me you get candy and then there’s a golden egg. So if you find that then it’s a bigger prize,” Assistant Principal of Activities and Student Life Cami Dahlstrom said.

Another thing that happened last week was Chemical Awareness Week. This was not new this year, however the student council tried to incorporate it into Spring Fling Week in preparation for prom. Students were warned about the harm of using chemical substances and able to see a display of what could happen if they are used in the wrong way. “We are also bringing attention to chemical awareness and distracted driving. We put a crashed car up [in front of the entrance] and a couple of messages got sent out throughout the week leading up to prom,” Dahlstrom said.

The whole idea about making the week leading up to prom a spirit week was new this year. In the past there have been activities, but it has never had its own name. “Dahlstrom came up with the Spring Fling Week idea. It has been something in the works for the past couple of months,” junior student council member Anna Amaris said.

To plan for these dress up days, the student council sent out a survey asking students for any ideas they have. They took ten of the ideas they liked and submitted them to Dahlstrom who brought them to administration for approval. “I bring them through administration and they okay or deny the ideas. Then the student council goes from there and it’s usually down to eight of them or something and then they just figure out what the best is for the week,” Dahlstrom said.

I thought [the week] was a lot of fun and it was really just inclusive with the whole community. Even though younger classmen weren’t going to prom, some of them still dressed up,

— Erin Anderson

Many students enjoyed the addition of Spring Fling. While not everyone participated, the students who did found it as a fun way to lead up to prom and the spring season. “It was really fun to see where all the seniors were going on decision day. I dressed up for a couple of the days but not all of them. I dressed up for the concert T Shirt Day, but some of them I didn’t because I didn’t have the right clothes,” junior Erin Anderson said.

Student council has started to notice the decline in people participating in dress up days and have really tried their best to pick themes that everyone will participate in. They knew not everyone would participate, but they tried their best to pick the most inclusive dress up ideas to attempt to get more people involved. “I think some people don’t participate because honestly they think it may be lame or not cool. It will only be “not cool” if people don’t do it. So if more people participate, the more fun it will be,” Amaris said.

Another new activity was the spring sport tailgate. Students were able to attend the tailgate and play yard games, eat food, and watch a couple of BSM’s spring sports teams. Many of the students who attended had a lot of fun and enjoyed the food trucks. “I played Spikeball, bean bags, and I ate food. I also really enjoyed listening to the Taylor Swift music that was played. I have friends on the baseball team and a couple of my friends were also going to the tailgate so I thought it would be fun to go,” junior Drew Kessenich said.

This week was a hit in the BSM community. Student council plans to continue to implement this week in the years to come. A lot of students had fun doing dress up days or even participating in the scavenger hunt. “I thought [the week] was a lot of fun and it was really just inclusive with the whole community. Even though younger classmen weren’t going to prom, some of them still dressed up,” Anderson said.