The Summer of Junior Year is the Last ‘Real’ Summer


Grace Hankey

BSM students take on Twins game at Target Field during the summer.

Summer is something every student looks forward to from the first day of school. It has always been summer, school, summer, etc. until you get to your senior year. So is the summer after your junior of highschool year your last real summer?

The summer after junior year is something to look forward to without having to worry about starting a new school or college the upcoming year. I think that summer after your senior year would be super fun but also sad because depending on your plans after highschool, it will be your last summer with your friends from home.

For most juniors, this is their last summer before adulthood. This summer is a special time for juniors to take a break from their academic and extracurricular commitments and enjoy their freedom before the responsibilities of adulthood. After junior year, students are expected to start looking seriously at colleges and universities, planning for their future, and getting ready for the college admissions process.

Summer after senior year can be difficult for a number of reasons. For many, it is the last summer before college, which can bring a lot of uncertainty and anxiety. Additionally, there may be a feeling of finality or loss as you transition from high school to college. It can also be a time of difficult decisions as students must choose which college to attend, if any. As well as summer after senior year can be a lonely time as friends may be transitioning to different colleges or starting new jobs.

College apps open for juniors on August 1st which is something that will keep juniors on their toes as the date creeps up. This will be just the beginning of the stressful college process but will be most beneficial the earlier you start. With this being said, juniors still have the time to make the most out of their summer and have lots of fun.

Overall, the summer after junior year is a great time to explore new opportunities. It’s a chance to gain valuable work experience and even start preparing for the future. Juniors can take advantage of internships, summer jobs, and other chances to acquire skills and experience that will help them when they enter the job market after graduation. This summer could also be a useful time to travel and explore new cultures, which can help to broaden horizons and better prepare juniors for the real world.