Spring Weather in Minnesota: An Athlete’s Haven


Madison Kadlec

Athletes love the spring weather because it brings the best playing conditions

As spring sports start at Benilde-St. Margaret’s, the spring weather comes back. With all of the sports being outside the weather plays a big role during the season. You are always hoping for that perfect spring day for your game. What has the weather been like this year?

The wind is wonderful. You will never be too warm because there is always a slight breeze through the air. As you pass the lacrosse ball and you think you might be a little short of the person you are passing to, have no worry because the wind can give you that extra little push you are looking for. If your hit is almost perfect and is about to go over the fence but might not quite make it there, the wind is there to help you with that too. Then all of a sudden you have a home run on your hands. The wind can also give you a boost to run faster on the track, so you can beat that personal record.

Rain is always helpful. I love when I am standing in the outfield and the grass is all mushy and wet. If I am ever too scared to dive for a ball that’s okay! The grass will give me that little push and it may cause me to slip because of the wet grass, but at least I was on the ground so it looks like I dove. Also when the batter’s box is flooded that adds a little more difficulty to the game, but you always need to challenge yourself anyways. On the turf, the rain is great too because your game will never get canceled. It only helps you glide across the field smoother.

You can’t forget about the snow. You can go from 80º to 20º just overnight so athletes are always refreshed. If you can’t play outside on the softball or baseball field there are cages in the Haben and without air conditioning, so you will always stay warm. If you ever have a home game the next day you can just shovel the snow off the field manually, it is mother nature telling you to get a workout in. On the turf, the lacrosse teams can always practice, even in the snow, so it’s like a built-in air conditioner for all of the players. It is also a good thing that there are multiple gyms because that way track can always practice as well, running in the school may be a tight space but you can still get practice in.