Preparing for Prom


Kaeli Koopman

Nail appointments are booked in advance to ensure fresh nails for prom.

BSM girls prepare for prom as April ends and the month of May begins. This year’s prom is on Saturday, May 6, 2023, and will be hosted at A’BULAE in St Paul. As prom week begins, girls are scrambling to get their appointments booked and plans in place.

The first step to preparing for prom is searching for a dress, and this usually starts early. The perfect prom dress can be difficult to find, and some girls even have to get their dresses altered for the best fit. The perfect dress is considered by many junior and senior girls as an essential piece to make prom the best experience for them. “The most important thing is making sure that everything goes smoothly [on] prom night, and that I look good in my dress,” Junior Sloane Dokman said.

The most important thing is making sure that everything goes smoothly [on] prom night, and that I look good in my dress.

— Sloane Dokman

An equally important part of prom prep is the manicure. Many search for the perfect nails to compliment their dress. “I’m going to Envy Nails with my friends. I don’t want my nails to be plain, and I want them to look pretty with my dress,” Dokman said.

Another crucial step in creating the perfect prom look is hair. Although they can style their hair at home, many girls noted that they prefer to have their hair professionally done. Junior Sienna Duffy is choosing to get her hair done because she has trust in her stylist and knows that they will do a consistent job. “I am going to The Connect hair salon because that’s where I always go and my hair always comes out nice,” Duffy said.

Despite many getting their hair styled by a professional, many girls are doing their makeup by themselves. Dokman said that she prefers to do her own makeup because she doesn’t like other people touching her face. Duffy agreed with her that she would rather do her makeup herself because she feels like she knows her face the best. “I’m doing it myself because I feel more comfortable doing it myself and I like the way it looks more natural,” Senior Izzy Garvin said.

Finally, one thing that can be controversial is spray tans. Although Duffy and Dokman said they would not be getting a tan, Garvin said she would. “I am getting a tan at Go Glow, I like their tans because they aren’t splotchy, so I look nice and glowy for prom,” Garvin said.

Ultimately, most girls have planned most of their appointments by now and this weekend they will get to enjoy the rewards of their planning. Although prom may be costly, it’s a unique experience. “[I think] it’s fun to spend money on stuff that you don’t always get to spend your money on,” Duffy said.